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Sally Goddard Blythe, N.D.T.

Institute for Neuro-Developmental Psychology (INPP Ltd)

1 Stanley Street, Chester CH1 2LR, UK (United Kingdom)
Tel/Fax 01244 311414

Sally Goddard Blythe is the Co-Director of the Institute for Neuro-Physiological Psychology (INPP) in Chester, England. She is the author of the widely acclaimed book A Teacher's Window Into The Child´s Mind (1996 Fern Ridge Press, Eugene, OR) which is in its second edition in both the Swedish and German translations. It is also being translated into Danish and Spanish.

When she joined INPP in 1987, her first research interest was into the effect that the Fear Paralysiss Reflex - a very early intra-utero reflex - had on later motor, academic and emotional development. (1989, The Fear Paralysis Reflex and its Interaction with the Primitive Reflexes. INPP Monograph series.) This eventually led to her presenting a paper at the 3rd European Conference on Neuro-developmental Delay in Children with Specific Learning Difficulties in March 1991, entitled Elective Mutism: The Unchosen Silence. (INPP Monograph).

From that time onward, she has been working on the papers (a list appears below). She has also written articles for The (London) Times Educational Supplement, Music Teacher, Nursery World, etc. and has lectured extensively throughout Britain, Ireland, France, Germany and Spain.

Currently she is planning another book, although her time is largely taken up with working with children with a variety of Specific Learning Difficulties - dyslexia, reading problems, writing difficulties, ADD dyscalcula and dyspraxia. Every two months she gives a "One Day Teaching Course" which helps special needs teachers to detect those children who may have an underlying neuro-developmental delay playing a major role in their learning difficulties. She then presents a developmental motor programme which can be used as a class activity rather than having to work with each child individually. Each year she leads the One Year Four Module training course to post graduate students. This presents the theory developed by INPP, a full screening methodology for detecting underlying neuro-developmental factors, the diagnostic assessment and the unique INPP Stimulation/Inhibition programme which has been proven to be successful in a double-blind, cross-over study.


Developmental Basis for Learning & Language Disorder (1990) INPP Monograph

The Foundation for Life and Living (1991) INPP Monograph

The Role of Reflexes in the Development of the Visual System (1995) Journal of Occupational Optometry

Dyslexia-Dyspraxia and Other Specific Learning Difficuclties (1995) Sally Goddard and Peter Blythe

The Role of the the Cerebellum in Learning (1996) Paper presented at the 8th European Conference on Neuro-Developmental Delay in Children with Specific Learning Difficulties.

Screening for Neurological Dysfunction in the Specific Learning Difficulty Child. Sally Goddard Blythe and David Hyland. The British Journal of Occupational Therapy, October 1998 61 (10)

Early Learning in the Balance - Priming the First A.B.C. The British Journal of Learning Support, 15/4 November 2000, 152-158.

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