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If Kids Just Came With Instruction Sheets!

By Svea J, Gold, MLS

Here are samples from Svea Gold's video "Autism Neurological Research"
which is based on this book..

Note! The sample in the "Headrighting Reflex" video is a test, not an exercise. The effectiveness of this method depends on combining techniques that affect the entire brain rather than treating symptoms. Do not use an individual exercise: The complete exercises are in one of our FREE ARTICLES that you can download or read online.

Children don't come with instructions. They also don't come with a five-year money-back guarantee. Nor do babies come in carefully dehydrated, precooked packages to which you simply add milk and love and who then will automatically grow into competent adults.

Your two-year-old will most likely run gleefully out the front door - naked as the day he was born! The four-year-old will call you dirty names, and the teen will drag race on Main Street on Friday night!

When the little darlings start acting like children and not like the perfect angels of our fantasies, it is time to do some detective work. Is the child going through a phase, or is there an underlying problem?

But a problem is not a problem if you can fix it - whether we are raising our children or helping those of the global village. This book deals with connections, not just single answers. Whether we are exploring behavior problems, learning disabilities, attention problems, delinquency or drug use, rarely does just one remedy apply. Neither do all remedies apply to every child.

Even if only one of the many approaches suggested in this book helps only one child in a hundred, and that happens to be your child, or a child in your acquaintence, this may be the most important book you ever read.

INTRODUCTION: You Are Number One
SECTION ONE: JUST GROWING UP - Easing Predictable Crises In Childhood

a. Crying b. Thumb sucking c. Exploration phase d. Toilet training e. Bed-wetting f. Temper tantrums
g. Dirty words h. Fears i. Sexual exploration j. Working mother syndrome k. Mealtime l. Bedtime story
Ch. 1 A Justification for the Existence of this Section: History of Child Abuse
EARLY YEARS Ch. 2 The Bonding Connection Ch. 3 What Does Love Have To Do With It? Ch. 4 The Allergy Connection Ch. 5 The Blood Sugar Connection
EARLY SCHOOL YEARS Ch. 6 The Sensory Connection Ch. 7 Learning Problems: The Time Connection Ch. 8 Learning Problems: Neurological Connection
Ch. 9 Psychological Connection Ch. 10 Educational Bugaboo: Attention Deficit Syndrome
TEEN YEARS Ch. 11 Delinquency: The Learning Disability Connection Ch. 12 Offender Behavior: The Nutrition Connection
Ch. 13 Sexual Abuse Connection: When to suspect the child has been sexually abused
Ch. 14 Drug Abuse: The Metabolism Connection Ch. 15 Delinquency: The Genetic Connection
1. Global Village to the Rescue 2. Preliminary Evaluation of Neurological Organization 3. Information for Volunteers 4. Evaluating and Treating Sensory Problems
5. Can You Set Up Your Own Program? 6. Excercises 7. How to Test Your Child for Allergies 8. Tackling the Bedwetting Problem
9. Partial List of Predictable Behaviors 10. Introduction to the Brain 11. How To Stimulate a Baby
"I Can Look At You Now..."
Autism, Neurological Research and Neurodevelopmental Approaches
Bibliography -  Partial List of Organizations -  Biographies -  Index

BOOK / 2008 / Softbound
Published by Fern Ridge Press
ISBN 978-0-9764543-1-1

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AND SEE THE RELATED VIDEO SVEA PRODUCED (sample of video is above):
Autism Neurological Research and Neurodevelopmental Therapy by Svea Gold, $24.95

This video describes the techniques that she herself has found to help autistic children function in our world. It is useful for teachers and parents alike, because it not only explains the rationale, but actually demonstrates the therapeutic whole brain techniques which are easy to do. It also describes the tests she uses to evaluate the child to discover the causes of the problems and determine the methods most likely to help each child.
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