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A Window Into the Child´s Mind

By Sally Goddard, N.D.T.

When Peter Blythe at the Institute of Neuro-Physiological Psychology began to search for a physical basis to learning and behavior problems, he found that detection and analysis of primitive and postural reflexes can be used as a valuable tool for physicians, psychologists, teachers and parents to find out why a child is not performing at age level.

This research impacts not only how these experts perceive each child but also helps them to determine what interventions will be most effective.

Sally Goddard, director, researcher and therapist at the Institute, has taught many school districts to take advantage of this knowledge in the classroom. Since the Institute´s way of thinking is backed up by decades of neurological research that proved that the brain is indeed plastic, teachers in Sweden, Germany, Australia and the United States are applying Goddard´s knowledge. They find that when children have the basic equipment for learning, teaching methods become more effective and the children blossom. Then, if a child still lags behind, they are learning to answer the question "Why?" and can help that child to succeed.

BOOK / 2005 / paperback / 182 pages
Published by Fern Ridge Press
ISBN 0-9764543-0-0
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